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My cheap project

So, after seeing the tinker projects here, it made me start on mine. Pretty much its just a O3M, I wanna run unregged, and do whatever I can to it.

This started life as my shorty autococker (Really tight setup). Now its my project since I've got other autocockers.

First thing I did was add a 15* VA from a Black Magic. Since it didn't have a hole on both sides to run it back, I had to drill one. Lets just say it was close lol.

Next I found the gas-through-grip I had hit the frame. So I popped it in the lathe and turned it down.

What the grip looked like before

Since I used some sear I had laying around that was shorter, the resting place of the trigger placed the hole for the three-way rod behind the slot for it, I had to make it bigger.

Thats all I've got done right now. Whats next, IDK. I'm winging it lol. May make a stock like on the older snipers.

Also, since I'm running it off unregged HPA. I need a LPR that can do that (Lol, just blow the one I have). I know the older stock WGP ones can, Jack-Hammers, and Rocks can, but are there others?

Trying to keep costs down, and I will never use a older Worr one.


Just retested the LPR. seems to be holding, so I'm gonna run it into the ground.

BEO Mafia

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