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the reply quoted from Tim that I posted was in return to me sending him a picture of the gun and email asking him if he had anything to do with it or if he knew of where it came from. Why I even ventured that route was after seeing the mojo he created with the dual 12 gram piercing setup. That in itself would lead me to believe this could of been one of those original 200. I am not saying that "this" paticular one is a K1 if that makes you happy, but the fact of the matter is, that there was an original run of K series rifles even if it was done in someones garage, that to me could be denoted as the K1, I guess more then just to be right, I would love to know the history of our great sport.

Before Sheridan in Wisconsin took over the K series, Benjamin was from St. Louis. Both companies were bought by Crosman and then later named Benjamin Sheridan. Early Benjamin Air Rifles have the same style wood stock as the K series.
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