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Jane Fonda's apology probably came about as her past actions were affecting her business interests. At best they were a meaningless Bart Simpson style apology,
I just don't feel its my place to judge her and don't think she's worth the time to bother with.
Don't take this the wrong way, but in a sense of "even bad publicity is good publicity" kind of way I think that the military and vets that like to bring up her actions and try to chop away at her, are giving her more publicity than she deserves. I'd rather we were saying "Jane who?" rather than all the hateful sentiments from our servicemen.

thats just me.
stop beating the horse, let her die, and when the Marines guarding the gates to heaven send her *** packing, I'll call that justice.

Holy **** have I developed a sense of faith? Damn I must be getting old.
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