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Originally Posted by havokrooster View Post
see this is where i disagree. i hear this alot about alot of fields from folks who are not seated with a big team. i play a big game per month and thier prices are right along with everyone elses. i pay the same reg and paint as i would at say pbcharleston, command decisions, or any mpp game.

i hit this field the first 3 or 4 times with just me and one other baller (did that at most big fields here in the southeast). ive taken home awards from alot of bearclaw games for simply grabbing 20 or so of the walk ons and forming a team right there on the field. you can get on and go to any bearclaw game and simply post up your wanting to run with a group and youll find several walk on players, groups of 5 or 6 and even big teams to run with. and as far as the 1 case of paint, pump it. there are ALOT of pumpers out that way. i fear the pump.

i actually made some great friends out there. team tetanus is from yalls neck of the woods in m-boro and the home field team rocks and is a great group of ballers. come check it out.

my point being, you do not have to have a big team to have fun at a scenario event. if your easy to get along with, play honorably and can make friends, your gonna have fun and make lasting friendships.
Well put Ben...

and yes...Fear the Pump...

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