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Originally Posted by MrFancyPants View Post
I have original issue Rhodies I picked up while I was in South Africa. Are you looking to play in this or collect?
A combination. I'd rather have something I can play in, but if they're nice enough, I'd be interested in collecting. I know years ago there used to be a couple paintball manufacturers that sold some pod packs and what not in Rhodesian. I'd love to pick up a harness rig in this pattern to play in.

Originally Posted by Lrrpie-CT View Post
I talked to the owner of Trident a while ago. He claims that he'll be receiving new production of Rhodesian pattern BDU's. However, he's been saying this for well over a year. I got a set of BDU cut Rhodesian utilities via eBay last year. I have "original" South African production from the 80's. Occasionally, on eBay true originals come up with accompanying provenance. The Rhodesian combat parkas go for big bucks. If you bide your time, you'll find them on eBay...
Yeah, their website has said, for about a year, that they're getting new Rhodesians in. I was hoping some of the old school guys on here would have some sets lying around that they would like to get rid of.
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