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Looks great amigo, I hope it brings you many eliminations and muncho fun. Looks fantastic. But for the coin he could have had it re-anoed after the additional milling so it was perfect or would that have ruined it? I dont know!

As for the UPS issue I recall my old buddy at Rocky Mtn Paintball used UPS exclusivly mainly due to the fact the retailer got a cut of the shipping. You see he could actually dictate the shipping cost and UPS would pay him the additional income derived from such an endevor. It was kinda crooked IMHO but I believe its a common business practice.

I hope this wasnt the case and hope it still does not go one but it once was very common and thus I avoided UPS only shippers after I found out this little tidbit of info.

Happy shooting.

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All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to shoot nothing.
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