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I honestly have no idea! Part of me wishes that it was "perfect", but it really does not detract from the gun so I am indifferent. I am sure it will suffer wear and nicks over its life anyways, and it is already wearing nicely on the tight parts (not externally visible) like the pump handle after putting a hundred or so rounds through it and playing with the pump handle for hours. The pump stroke is now unbelievably light and smooth, I am addicted to shooting it.

I am going to update after the next game with a follow up review as well as conducting an efficiency test indoors. As much as I like shooting it, I cannot justify wasting 12 grams outside in -10C temperatures.

Originally Posted by EDDAKA View Post
Can you buy more inserts?
I missed this question, sorry! You cannot buy any more, to my knowledge. You can talk to Earon about it, but I think he is only offering the three insert kit.
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