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Originally Posted by Railgun View Post
That's got to be a pretty heavy stock. You thinking of redoing it in aluminium once you get the fit just right?

Other than that on nit pick I like what you've done with it. Makes for a nice compact and light package.
Nah, its perfect! It feels just right when you hold it. Not to heavy, not to light, and the weights in all the right places.

Though I do wanna make one out of aluminium later like the ones on the old snipers. The ones that wrap from the back frame screw, it the bottom of the frame. Can't remember what they call those.

Originally Posted by SuperHiQuality87 View Post
I like what ou did to the gas through grip a lot. I think i'll keep that idea in mind for future refrence! Also the stock looks really nice. I think you about hit the nail on the head if you were looking for that older style stock design. Let us know how the stock comes out, i'm anxious to see.

Great stuff!

Thanks, the grip is very nice. I like it a lot, I wish more companys would pick up on simple designs. Though you lose all your grip with that, and the angle VA lol. May have to see about a heavy dust ano or something.

Lol, thats what I was hoping for. Simple stock that works, and looks like it was pulled out of an old gear bag. I just need to figure out a coating now. I'm gonna try and get a quote on powder coating, then maybe pick up some Dura-Coat and do it myself.

Originally Posted by WilD View Post
Off topic, but what is the story with the LOTR eye on your goggles? Is that a legitimate product?
Hell yeah, Sauron eye! I got the skin from Xtreme Paintball. Was for Halloween this year.

BTW- I did end up blowing the LPR. So I have a rock on the way.


Forgot, The gun how I'm using it this sunday.

Yep, thats a cut, and rewelded CMS bracket!

BEO Mafia

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