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Flecto brand color enamels stand up pretty decent if you're looking for a cheap job of painting. I have had great results by thinning it about 5 parts paint to one part paint thinner (regular cheap oil base housepaint thinner is the correct stuff for these enamels). Thinned that way it goes on easy and flows out completley. No brush marks at all. I'd go for two coats about 24 hours apart and let the second coat dry in a warmer part of the house for a good 3 or 4 days. Even then go easy on it for a week or so. By that time it'll be hard enough that it'll take quite a ding to chip the paint. I've done a bunch of motorcyce parts with it and they have held up great.

Love the Q loader. Too bad no one makes a bottom fed marker that takes the Q loader. I'd love to see the top of my markers clear of the feednecks and hoppers.
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