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Originally Posted by Gabe View Post
chrono so one barrel shoots well and the other has low velocity.
and as a ref, these types of things are always a bit frightening. In that, it puts more of a burden on the refs to spot them, and know they require a special chrono procedure.

The Apex itself already has a special procedure. (The ramp needs to be completely off for chrono).

It this ever became popular, it would likely get an infamous rep as a cheater device.

however, someone at the 'Guild mentioned that it might be far more useful as a single-barrel, but still be able to swing, for EASY cleaning.

Thats not a bad idea. inline guns have always had a harder time with breaks then stacked guns. Instead of the removable bolt, you had tilting barrels, access ports, and removable breaches. This idea would be ad adaption to that old 68-Special tilt mod.

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