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New VM-68 setup pleases me greatly!

Howdy all,
I spent some time in the shop finishing up the fitment for a VM-68 action that I finished souping up last spring. I really, really like the way it turned out due to the extra angle on the grip. She balances well, and makes you feel like it's ready to hit someone far far away the moment it hit's your shoulder. I'll run some rounds through it tomorrow to see how it all works.

I also have my new 300 round loader mounted for those times when maximum pressure is to be applied for the maximum timeframe.

On a related note, I also removed my markers from their pegboard spots to ceiling hooks. It's way cooler and I can put tools on the pegboard. Markers take up alot of space!

So, It was a fun evening to play in the shop.

-Calvin, Staying out of the cold.
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