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Originally Posted by dauntless15 View Post
this is upsetting . the only pet named after a paintball gun is the cat ( STERLING ) i hope there are som mcb members that have named there pets after a paint-gun
I have 3 Mini Daschunds....Meaty, Maverickand another named Sterling! Maverick got stolen by my GFs parents.....long story short for the first year he lived with me then he lived with my GF at her parents house for probably 6 months...when she moved in with me her parents refused to give him up....



Even dogs like HB Blue

Her head is pretty soft so I bet hes comfortable :P.

"5 more minutes Dad..."


Out Cold! (he snores and sleeps like a rock...)


Proper ventalation while sleeping is very important....self inflicted dutch oven is just not worth the risk.

What are you doing....

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