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I'm not used to having gun hits count. I play at a field (basically same field my whole paintball career) and we've never had hits count. So when I go places I forget to call myself out on those.

To each their own... Just follow the rules of the field, and spell them out.

I honestly don't care if they count or not as a hit, just that most fields that DO have gun hits count, usually forget to tell you about it. Hence why I don't know about it until someone points at my gun and asked "why are you still playing?"


If I had my option, I'd play without gun hits. But that's probably because I play that way.

How about this... In Scenario, have gun hits count... but you only die if that's your ONLY gun. If you have a backup, then you drop your main weapon, and run around with your PGP or Splatmaster...

Now THAT sounds like an option.

EDIT: I see knightmare beat me to the punch on that idea...
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