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Originally Posted by Heebs View Post
I wouldn't call Carters rare. There are quite a few floating around.

Anyway the Box Gun depending on what you get will take them about 4 months to finish.

The bores are HUGE on the Box Gun but you can buy the optional barrel kit they have.

Blowfish was a pump team from way back that have been out of the game for a few years, I'm not sure if they are back to playing but they don't have their store anymore (I think).

Your best bet to getting a Box Gun is buying on here or from Carter Machine directly.
There are less floating around than Phantoms. Pump is rare around here so to me they're rare.

4 months isn't so bad.

I planned on getting the barrel kit and BBA.

I knew they were an old pump team but reading sticky's on other sites it said to contact them first in case they had one...

I plan to get a new one directly from them.


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