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Originally Posted by Rudisill View Post
AGD never recovered from the pre-HPA days

Weren't the pre-HPA days the golden age of the Automag? Wasn't it the gun to have?
From what I have seen that depended on where you lived. Heck, the same seems to be true now though as well.

I loved my Mag and it always worked flawlessly. It ripped paint just as fast as the electros on the fields I played at, and I loved the snappy feel of the trigger. But with that said, I didn’t like the fact that I could not shoot as deep into my tank as I wanted (or feel I should have been able to) and it had to be run on HPA. I also had some “association” issues that I simply didn’t want to think about every time I looked at my Mag. So I got rid of it.

And what is it being replaced by? A Tippmann.
Originally Posted by scarecrow View Post
Everything said so far is true of blowbacks and there is one more thing that I would like to add. They are quite reliable and simple. This makes them appealling to novice players, and field owners. They can be half full of crud, leaking paint, dirt, and have the barrel jammed full of balls and they will still cycle. This is one reason I have great admiration for Tippmann markers. They may not be the prettiest, most accurate, or have the highest rate of fire, but they will work when everything else has thrown in the towel.
Agreed. And they work just fine for their intended purpose. Not to mention that many of the issues can be overcome to a very reasonable extent by one modification or “upgrade” or another from the bone stock versions.

Blowbacks are the "hammer" in the tool bag.

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