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New Automag Accessories

OK guys again this is for mainly PICTURES please PM me if you have any PRICE related questions and when the stuff is ready to be sold I will direct you to the dealer Section the best way to reach me is on AIM my SN is jay8541

I have down sized the amount of pictures to show what the main interests were and In the order of our production focus Note that all other pictures that were posted before can and still be done if the interest is there otherwise I will have a nice little collection of my own

As of right now this will be priority

Then the pump kits in a few different options not all are pictured at the moment also you will have the option of the under pump rail adapter so you can mount all the fore grips light, Lazers or what ever gadget you are into

pump body and rail

25/50 round revolver loader

Knuckle fore grips

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