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I don't think that there's a paintball gun for sale today that has more kick than an "easily dealt with minimum." But I'll agree that modern blowbacks can be refined.
However, rifining a blowback starts to negate their main positive, reliabilty. When you increase the tolerence and tune for efficieny, you rely more on the perfectly smooth surfaces of the internals and o-rings. Tippmanns kick and guzzle gas because they're disigned to run the same whether they're clean and oiled or caked with mud. THIS is why tippy's are considered the standard for woodsball by many.And also why they're the #1 rentals of all time.
Conversly, consider a MegaZ. One of the few truly high-end blowbacks, it was tuned for efficiency on liquid. But once the parts start to wear, fps becomes a problem. Swap a Z1 or Rental Z valve in for the high-pro MegaZ valve and your back to good. But you lose the efficiency.

All that being said, Ive gotten:
700+shots off a 12oz siphon on a 13 year old Z1 with a Mega Z valve at 290fps+/-5(60ishFAmbientTemp)
850+shots off a 16ozanti-siphon on a brand new ProCarbine w/expansion chamber and direct stab(600+psi) at 284fps +/_0(hard to believe but at emr viper this summer it fire 284 every time I chronoed it, 85 ambient temp)
800+shots off 16oz siphon on Mega Z with Z1 winter valve at 275+/- 3 (at 85*F,same emr viper as above)

Thes aren't scientific studies, obviously. They're just individual instances that stood out in my mind. I'm sure my average consistency's and shots per tank are a bit lower than those. But I still think those numbers are pretty good. Consistency translates to accuracy, right?And none of these guns are bps machines either, though the MegaZ stands above most mechanical blowbacks in that dept. And they shoot plenty fast for me.

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Tournament play is about the worst spectator sport out there. I would rather watch Synchronized Dungeons & Dragons.

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