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The "Ghetto Duck" is a craptacular plastic Brass Eagle pistol that will cost you $30 and will almost be guaranteed to break.

As an owner of a Redux, I'd like to clarify something. You can't really compare them to Phantom. Their efficiency is sub-par compared to a Phantom's, and they are a lot heavier, due to a thick aluminum slide and a stainless steel body. mOngo also did some machining to the powertube, so I don't think a stock, unmodified CCI powertube will work. However, the Redux has a smoother pump stroke. And as for efficiency, mOngo put it best. He doesn't sling paint with it, so he doesn't worry about it. He's out there to one-ball people, so he doesn't need 40 shots off a 12ie. I myself am still trying to break the open-class habit of laying on the trigger. For 'Dux efficiency, expect to get about 20 bone stock, brand new. As it breaks in, you can get the higher end of 20, like 26ish plus. With proper springing, and maybe some mods, you can probably get 30. I know somehow or another, DSA's Redux is getting around 35 usable shots, but the majority of Duck owners (that I've seen) report mid 20's. I'd love to get 3 tubes of a 12ie, but 2 is just fine. For me.

Overall, I'd have to say the Redux is probably the best $1,110 I've spent in paintball!
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