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Originally Posted by Drum View Post
Smart Parts grips are the single best product to ever come out of that "wicked" company, imho.

They fit well, look good and come in a large variety of color schemes. I have the SP grips on all of my .45 and Sheridan-style grip framed guns; Blazers, Typhoons, you name it.

Very good product.

As for the over-abundance, the Gardners probably had them made in China or somewhere in very large quantities, hence the surplus and low price.

Most likely, it is an effort on the part of "Satan Parts" to put all of the small-time wood grip crafters out of business.

Very true on most parts… SP’s wooden grips are by far the best bang for your buck when it comes to wooden grips. And yes, they probably had them mass produced by some outside source (probably in China or similar country). But that does not explain the over abundance of MAG wooden grips as opposed to what looks to be similar but are not for Mags. That IMHO is because of the reason I posted above. I believe that they probably made both versions in similar numbers but the Mag grips probably just didn’t sell as many.

As for it being an effort on SP to put all of the “small-time” wood grip crafters out of business… LOL That made me laugh. I think you know that is not the case nor do their grips really affect “small-time” grip crafters. I know personally that I was able to sell more grips than I could make and at prices that were much higher than the SP grips have ever been, but of course for obvious reasons. I think there is a market for both hand crafted grips as well as mass produced wooden grips. Heck, I would love to craft a set of grips and have them mass produced so they could sell for a more “market friendly” price.

So as it stands SP is the source for those grips and I am happy that folks can still get them.

I do realize though that your comment was tongue in cheek, but you never know what folks may think now days. After all, didn’t SP ruin the sport and close down all other businesses anyways?
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