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The reason mags don't run well on CO2 in cold whether is because below 50-60 CO2 only has around 600psi of pressure. Mags need 800+ to run well.
If I got an anti-syphon tube installed it would mean I could only use that tank on the mag.
I have a classic mag & as mentioned above, it will run ok on input pressure lower than 800psi. 600psi is about the lowest recommended & you can run it lower (down to the ouput of the integrated reg) but you do get shootdown on rapid firing. I was using a second inline reg set at below the pressure that CO2 would stay liquid at the temp I was playing at. On a regular summer day here, allowing for some chilling of the CO2 due to firing that worked out rather conveniently to about 600psi.
Problem is if it got any colder than a nice summer day the reg would have to be turned down more. Spring/Fall were ok as I don't tend to shoot long strings so the shootdown wasn't much of an issue but once it started getting into single digits (celsius) the pressure had to go low enough that I was noticing shootdown.
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