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Exclamation oh boy!

Originally Posted by joelrf600r View Post
did you replace the hammer oring with a standard round rubber o-ring? the hammer o-ring groove is deeper than normal on many of the early VM's (possible later ones also: not sure) and takes a special rectangular oring that is taller than normal. if you don't have that, the hammer will not seal properly and you'll get the full auto shootdown you describe.

well, that would explain why i could NOT find a replacement o-ring!!!

i tried 2 auto parts places and the local paintball shop where i volunteer my services.

WHERE do i get a few replacements???????

i lubed the snot outta the old one with DOW33 and oil, and i managed to crack off a few shots before the full-auto effect took over.

i will be madly out-sourcing these o-rings. i wanna keep shooting this beast. i just picked up a stock for it and was gonna mod it to fit, but i aint gonna bother unless i can find some hammer o-rings.

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