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Originally Posted by paintballpaulie View Post
well, that would explain why i could NOT find a replacement o-ring!!!

i tried 2 auto parts places and the local paintball shop where i volunteer my services.

WHERE do i get a few replacements???????

i lubed the snot outta the old one with DOW33 and oil, and i managed to crack off a few shots before the full-auto effect took over.

i will be madly out-sourcing these o-rings. i wanna keep shooting this beast. i just picked up a stock for it and was gonna mod it to fit, but i aint gonna bother unless i can find some hammer o-rings.

HELP!!! or call Palmers ( I got mine there for a couple of $$ each) When you replace the cup seal I use Black magic cup seals which are as good/better them stock and cheaper too. Of my 3 vms 2 have the BM cup seals and one is stock, guess which one is the only one that leaks right now?

Good Luck

-as stated really lube the snot out of the upper and lower areas I had the exact same prob because it wasn't lubed enough.
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