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Originally Posted by Brewtt
"The ****TER"
That's great. The ****ter! XD

My Imagine 05 is my second gun. I started last year in March with a stupid old stingray and went to the Imagine after that. I didn't like it too much because ACS bolts suck (blowback up the feedneck = BLENDER TIME)

So i thought spyders really sucked. But then i realized they're alright after I swapped out back to the stock bolt (yay for O-rings), but it's really not my thing. I added a lapco clampneck, 16 SP progressive/8 inch Rare venturi barrel *its rele cute* and Trinity AK 47 expansion chamber (yes, the $60 uberly expensive expansion chamber haha) and one Smoke/Black Revy, 50g switch.

It's half tricked out and I use when I feel like walking the trigger (it's still stupid to walk it lol, but it makes me giggle)

I still prefer my phantom and I've screwed around with my micromag which I'm in the process of fixing.
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