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I love that frame. A copper/black BBA Buzzard with that frame sold here over the past summer, it was a beauty.
That's one of the newer ones.

First there came the modified Comp Gun frames that Earon had his minions grind down the frame to give it straighter lines, especially around the trigger guard. They still had the Skorr triggers and if you were lucky enough, you got an Obatake trigger shoe which was thinner in profile then the ones you normally see.

The Carter Machine sliding triger frames that were made after Dave's passing have the larger swell in the "mainspring housing" area. Not sure who did their checking, Derrick Obatake taught me to checker and then we later passed some files along to Dave and also Ken Kidd (Nav.) who was working for Earon at the time. Aluminum is slightly irritating to file on.
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