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I emailed Lauren about getting a slider frame with matching ano for my buzzard and this is her response:

If we simply mailed you the parts, the cost would be $125 for a raw or clear or black slide frame with trigger, plus $20 for titanium anodizing, plus $15 for the sear, plus shipping (TBD), and if youíre in California then also add 7.75% sales tax.

If youíd like to send the marker to us instead, you would add an additional $50 assembly charge. It would take a few months because after receiving your marker we would than send one piece of it to the anodizer with the new slide frame for color matching, and that alone can take as much as 4-5 weeks. Please be aware that itís not always possible to get an EXACT match, but our anodizer can usually get very close.

If youíll email me your shipping address Iíll send you an exact quote.
Hope this helps.
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