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.68 Carbine Double Barrel

Well, heres what you get when you cross a bored person, a love for paintball and more .68 carbines to dink around with than you can shake a stick at. I present to you my idea for a double barrel bullpup 68 carbine.
(Sorry the picture is so dark, but its alot worse with the flash on.)
*Pic at bottom.

Heres how it'll go. The trigger grip in the front will have a small hole in the back that will house a small rod that will be pushed back by the trigger. The rod will also be thicker after it leaves the grip so it won't bend. The rod will then go back and rest in the middle of a thick metal rod with a large hole drilled 2/3 the way in it to accomadate the rod and any vertical movement and will lie across both tiggers in back. The setup will look like this.

Whats nice is the trigger make for a pretty decent stock. Then a hole will be made on the left reciever to accomadete a left feed. I am not sure how to close the hole on the other side yet. Any suggestions would be apricated. Finally, use spacers and long screw along with the existing holes to hold the gun together. Using the existing lines and 2 remotes bundled in a camo sleve, plug in two tanks, load up, and go ape ****. Any constructive criticism would help. Also, since I don't readily have acess to all of the equipent I need, this project will be a long one. -Neal
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