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Hi, I was wondering...

Where I could get my hands on various Carter internals, as well as some of the exterior pieces.

I have an old gunmetal grey pre-Dye Carter Comp VSC which is, ironically the only paintball gun I decided to keep since I quit.

Here are the parts I need:

-New Bolt complete with velocity adjusting part and internal/external o-ring's
(Do they have a SS internal part? Or is it still brass?)
-Puncture pin seal
-Exterior barrel spring to keep slide in place
-Maybe a valve cup seal, or a whole complete valve.
-IIRC Im using auto cocker (yellow/yellow) springs, so maybe some legit Cater springs, or a spring set since I have no idea if the velocity is hot or too low.

I am also interested in a slide trigger (doenst matter what color) if one is available.
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