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Hey man, welcome to the forum.

Carter Machine doesn't check this place. Unless you want to get parts used from members here, check out Welcome to and send Lauren an email or get on the phone.

Good luck!
Thanks for your help!

I would only take certain parts in "used" condition provided that no modifications have been done to them, even something like polishing. I do my own work, so id rather have someone send me a used, unmodified, slide trigger or something, vs one that has set screws drilled into it everywhere or polishing done especially if its to the exterior.

Here are the parts that id take "used":

-Slide trigger. Any color is ok. No modified springs, polishing, milling, set screws, or other "trigger work". Of course, if you think your "work" is minimal, I wouldnt mind taking a look at it. Do not expect me to buy it unless its completely stock.
-Exterior barrel spring.
-Bolt. It must not be stripped, polished, or modified. It must have all internals which includes the "set o-ring".
-Used set of springs valve/main. Springs must be not compressed, cut, or stretched. They must also come as a set of 3 or more, 6+ springs in total.
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