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Originally Posted by GuyFromHawaii View Post
Here are the parts that id take "used":

-Slide trigger. Any color is ok. No modified springs, polishing, milling, set screws, or other "trigger work". Of course, if you think your "work" is minimal, I wouldnt mind taking a look at it. Do not expect me to buy it unless its completely stock.
-Exterior barrel spring.
-Bolt. It must not be stripped, polished, or modified. It must have all internals which includes the "set o-ring".
-Used set of springs valve/main. Springs must be not compressed, cut, or stretched. They must also come as a set of 3 or more, 6+ springs in total.


Most of those parts will be hard to find.Carter guns are kinda of "rare" enough already. Most people don't order tons of extra parts when they order their gun either. I suggest emailing carter directly and get ready for the wait
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