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After a nasty blow out with Macro-line that I received off ebay with a gun, I avoid macro like the plague... If used at all it's only after a secondary reg.

The reg gave out on my HPA bottle and dumped bottle pressure (about 3k) into the macro wich promplty blew. It was right against my hand.. My hand went numb.. I dropped the gun to the ground half expecting to see my finger blasted off (I could no longer feel any of my fingers). Just a nasty gash across two of my fingers and a huge bruise across the palm of my hand. About an hour later I regained feeling in that hand (The numb was better.. cause that's when the pain set in).

I definately prefer Stainless

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It will eventually get to the point where you're living in the back of a '78 Oldsmobile with a trunk full of the finest paintball gear known to man.

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