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I know it sucks. All the teflon tape or loctite in the world won't make up for the lost metal that needs to be there to take the loads.

At 850 psi if that thread is 5/8 in diameter then there's 260 lbs of pressure pushing against those 4 to 5 undamaged threads that are actually being used. Chances are that it would hold but it's an iffy sort of deal I'd say. Certainly not the 2 to 3 times safety margin that it should be. And any further thread damage from flexing or other impact damage not to mention the chances of further cross threading it and there goes even the minimal safety margin that it may have.

For example I know that all the books call for minimal thread engagement to reach full tensile bolt strength is 1.5x the diameter of the bolt. WIth those 4 or 5 good threads you don't even have 0.5 of the diameter engagement.

What's in that pin or spool that fits in the block? I see what could be a valve pin sticking out so it's obviously not just a gas conduit.
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