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Stumped by AFT Repair

Iím at a loss on this one; hereís the scoop:

The Fastech AFT has an air passaged machined into the body between the 12g chamber and the valve. The location required that the passage be drilled from one end, and then back-filled with a plug of some kind (welded shut?). Take a look at the picture to see what I mean.

After playing with the gun for months, a leak has developed at the plug in the body. Yes, Iím sure thatís where itís coming from Ė you can see the CO2 blasting out in my second attached picture.

And, hereís the kicker Ė after discovering the problem on game day (of course it worked fine the night before) in one gun, I came home to check my second AFT, and the same thing is happening. Now, a lot of things can be written off as user error or lack of maintenance, and I can suck it up and admit that when Iím at fault, but I donít know what would cause this even if I wanted to do it deliberately.

So, how do you tackle something like that? Is there anyone who knows how and would be willing to fix it?


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Oh no.
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