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Never cheated but was accused big time once.

I was playing at OA once and got hit on my visor and didnt feel it. The ref about 100 ft away is pointing at me and yelling something I cant hear because a vector is going off right next to me. So I reach up rub my hand over the visor to check for paint and a ref behind me comes up and starts to scream at me calling me a "wiper". I tried to explain it to him that I didnt know I was hit and was checking it but he wouldnt quit. Then the ref that was down teh field comes up and both of them are screaming at me. So I pick up a few 10rd tubes I used and left the field. After the game I went up to the refs and talked to them. I explained my side of the story and they apologized and so did I for not going out(because I didnt know I was hit).
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