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Can't stand the ebay store format. Can't buy a complete barrel kit or anything like that. I miss the old website. Didn't mean to rant but ebay is just to impersonal.

We really had an issue with running our web site.I don't know how to run one so we have to hire someone.It just doesn't work well for us having someone else run it for us.They are not available 24-7.(understandable)

We can run e-bay and put up things and new products,ect,ect at a moments notice.
I'm not 100% happy with e-bay but it works for our limited knowledge of web stores.The Plus side is a tremendous amount of traffic gets to see all of our products.

As soon as web stores get easier to run we will consider doing one.

You can always e-mail us your order and Laurie or Mel can send you a pay pal request or you can call to place an order.

I know e-bay is not for everyone but we are kind of stuck with it.
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