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Originally Posted by Shiba-Kun View Post
Here's the time line once again:

Top to bottom:
1. Derrick Obatake's modified Nel-Spot circa 84/85. Mods include a Colt Gold Cup rail, Ted Yoshimura (Cal Ord.) pump handle, and a barrel extention.
2. First "Mini/Shorty Duck" with the original "Counter Weight" lower pump handle and Slam Changer.
3. One of the first 3 Stock Ducks. Made by Dave Loo our team for the original Sat Cong Village stock gun league. Sonny Lopez, Earon Carter, Jessica Sparks, and other such people played in this league against us.
4. Dave Loo's personal Duck that he made for himself. Before his passing he played with it on open class fields with dignity and honor.
5. First Box Gun. Derrick built this for himself with a little machining help from Earon. Glen from CIP used this very pistol to take measurements for his version (CIP Super Stocker).
what the deal witht the plate on the bottom of the boxgun on the bottom? is that machined on or what?

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