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The happy end!

Finally. "Sweet cheeks ... waiting for you was terrible. I could only think about you, every day, hour and minute. As the mail man ringed the bell, my hands were shaking. Come 'ere. Lemme kiss you." Much earliers than I thought, Topper from TX Tuning finished this amazing anodizing job. The mail's been a bit bitchy, and took an extra two dys to get it delivered, but in the ned, she came back to me. It turned out just like I wanted it - and I can't wait to get this beast growling.

"That's how she rolls..."

click to enlarge

Stock? Nah, it's custom.

I took the parts out of the box and freed them from their pretty safe and cushioned packaging, screwed in the barb fittings, put LPR and HPR* together again. At the moment, I only need some small o-rings to seal the QEVs on the ram, but I know a source for that. This is the most exciting puzzle I ever played with and patience is getting harder each day. It's kinda hard to not lick on the body, it looks so awesome.

The babe in her new dress goes for Prom Queen.

click to enlarge

* NEED HELP! Somehow, I am sure I ****ed up putting the HPR together again. I still have a blue O-Ring left, which doesn't seem to fit anywhere. Is anyone in here capable of taking a stock Karnivor inline regulator apart and show me how to put it together properply? Pics appreciated. I am quite sure I did everything else right, but now I am a bit insecure about it. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Found out about the o-ring - it belongs into the LPR.
A file that might be helpful for other Karnivor owners:

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