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New 62 Cal Paint run

OK the old thread is getting long so I'm starting a new one. I just trying to come up with a ball park of how many cases I should get for this first shipment. I don't want to get to little and have a lot of people left out or get to many and have it sitting around. So this is what I have so far.
3- PW Paintball
1- The Weltman
1- Mayvik
1- Stah Klass
2- Hmudd13
4- C6quad
1- d4rksabre
1- BigMatt-MadCustoms
2- bacci paintball
1- Listessa
1- Painthappy
2- weekendballer
3- russc
2- Stuffy
2- VM-onster
2- sparky
2- magmasta
2- Frink
1- commandoman
=34 Cases
If you are on the list and don't want to be or if you are not on the list and want to be PLEASE LMK I'm thinking about getting an extra 10 to 15 cases just in case.

Also is every one good with the green that is in the video or should we ask for something else?

Also if you have not seen the videos I did here is a link to them.
Video 1
Video 2

The cases are 3000rds and cost $70 + shipping per case (Just to put it into perspective a $70 case of 3000rds = $46.66 case of 2000.)

I just got an e-mail from the manufacture and he said that he is looking to ship these out in the beginning of April.

Well that is it for right now I will keep you up to date. (this is coming together better than I thought it would. )

:EDIT: As of 11/11/09 still have a few more cases available, PM me if you would like to order any.
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