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Wow thread jacked...

Anywase got some pics up

These are the bodies that i got

This is what i mean by no threading it you havnt figured it out yet

The one good this that came from being thread jacked is that pic, I see at the back of his internals he does have another bolt looking thing, thats got the spring coming off it that im geussing is the old style ivg im looking for? Well i didnt find anything like that in my bag of parts i got and i know how hard its gonna be to find that so do you think i would be able to thread the back of the bottom hold to fit a newer style ivg and use the standard springs as opposed to sheridan springs? I held up my ivg to the hole and it seems their is room to do it with but is their any unseen things that might happen from me doing this? Also note the HUGE vert asa adaptor thats on one of the panther bodies (panther was milled into after the fact dont go looking all over for some body youve never heard of) I'm having trouble finding one of those too, anyone know someone with a large parts box that might have one?
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