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Originally Posted by frederic View Post
Found the ad on Craigslist yesterday and contacted the guy immediately. He was selling a p68sc for $50. I jumped on it before people as far away as Michigan started emailing it. He claimed not to be a paintball person so I asked and he said that someone at one of the properties he owns/manages gave it to him.

AHHH!! I Knew it! I knew it! I emailed that guy yesterday evening, not very long after he'd listed it, offering to pick it up on Wednesday....I knew another Mass MCB'er had beat me to it! It's become more of a race these days to grab the random little gems that emerge on CL. Congrats on the great grab...sweet lookin' Sheridan!

Oh well...I still have yet to actually use my $30 Sterling I picked up off Craigslist 2 weeks ago. Apparently there was lots of interest in that as well....I just happened to be the first to get to it
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