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Question Paintball calibers over the years...

So I was thinking about this: I'd like to know how many different paintball sizes there have been. So far I know of the following off hand: .40 .50 .55 .60 .62 .63 and .68. Obviously (with the .63 for instance) I'm talking about every paintball ever conceived. I'd also like to know different markers that use these balls (excluding .68 markers LOL). If you must know this is for a small write-up i'm doing for a class. I was checking VintageRex, but there isn't really a good way to look that stuff up without manually looking at EVERY marker of which there are currentley 249.

I figure this can in some way be added to the "Exhibit Stats" on the VintageRex site; therefore benefitting us all long after this thread has been forgotten.

So far this is what i've come up with (i'll add to it as the rest of you brains post up more markers/sizes):


.40 - Para-Ordnance Mod 85, neumerous RAP markers and RAP grenade ammo
.43 - neumerous RAP markers; Walther P99
.50 - Crosman 3357 Spotmarker; 3357 Spotmarker Stubby; Splatmatic (toy) markers
.55 - Extreme Rage Maxx 55
.62 - AGA 62; WGP Sniper I; Line SI Bushmaster 62; Tippmann SMG-60; SMG-60 Sniper; SMG-60 Bulldog
.63 - Safety Paintball Macho Fire D63
.70 - (the original Ironmen circa 1991)


Stuff I still need info on:
- .55 Splatmaster clone?
- any other sizes or guns you know of?

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