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AGD Sydarms - 1 Old Style, 1 New Style

After some recent soul-searching, I've decided I should probably get rid of some markers, mostly those I don't use. First up on the chopping block is a (not matched) pair of Sydarms. Nothing wrong with them, and not much to say except I have a lot of pistols which I prefer to carry and don't need relatively rare guns as a 3rd or 4th string backup-backup.

Basic MCB/common sense rules apply. I accept PayPal, fees are included in the price. Prices also include shipping (USPS), but if you're not US/Canada, PM me to discuss a possible shipping increment. Offers are welcome but as I'm not selling these due to need of money, please keep them tasteful. Trades are possible but unlikely; I'm fussy and looking to reduce my marker inventory. Feel free to offer but don't be surprised if I say no thanks. Only things I can think of off the top of my head are a BE90 or a minty Epic but I enjoy surprises.

Item 1: AGD Sydarm S/N 00110 $400 TRADED
- Original style Sydarm, matte finish, front and rear sight. Very low S/N (lowest I've seen on AO was 00040). "Wood" grips (Smart Parts?) in a green/brown pattern, the top layer of lacquer is a dinged up and worn but mostly intact. Rail is factory milled for pump handle. The matte finish has some spotting/staining. Holds air, no leaks and fires fine. The barrel on this one (Sydarms take standard twist-locks) is extremely tight, but I did remove it and put on 2 new o-rings and 2 new plastic nubbin strips. Also replaced the forward 12 gram plug o-ring. The remains of a Sydarm parts kit I opened specifically for those fixes (e.g. all the valve seals) come with this gun.

Item 2: AGD Sydarm S/N 00848 $400
- New style Sydarm, polished finish, front sight only. AGD rubber grips. The polished finish is shiny but has some scratching/pitting close up. There are a couple of small gouges in the upper tube that don't break the polish surface or affect the ID.Holds air, no leaks and fires fine. Barrel removal is smooth like butter on this one.

Dual Wielder Special: Buy both and pretend you're a famous paintball guy in a famous paintball picture! $750 NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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