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I was having problems with my orracle, so I posted on the wgp forums here. Tom was polite, quick, and very knowledgable. Even that knowledge wasnt enough, he had to have hands on the gun. So, I went out on a ledge and sent my baby to him. I was a tad bit scared that my gun would come back in pieces, or not at all. Wow, was I supprised. He retapped a grip screw hole, fixed my lpr, got a set screw for my trigger, and timed my gun. All I asked was to be kept up to speed on the "goings on", and a timed gun. I expected to get the gun back timed, but with no communication or anything like that. Wow, was I supprised. I recieved daily progress reports, pictures of problem parts, and even a vid of it shooting. What a pleasure, and such a great service. I paid him for the shipping back to me, as well as a fee for anything needed, and it was money well spent.
I could not recomend Tom enough, he is a knowledgeable person, and a great person.
Thanks again Tom
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