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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
Thanks! I love keeping the stainless on the field. The last time I had it out as a classic pneu, the ref asked "is that an old mag?". I said, "yeah, kind of. It is a pneu-mag." He said "No, it's an old mag." Now they will really have no idea.

I was about to make the whole circuit flat and run up the side of the battery, but that little pocket had extra room in it. My old lapco grips (alloy frame) have cavities in them I think, but I haven't had them off in 17 years (!). I should probably check that.

Lmk if you want any help testing. I forgot about that. I used another timer chip (astable) and LEDs to trip the circuit at different rates from 5 to 50 Hz to make sure it would do what I wanted. However, most of my difficulties just came from shorts or poor connections.

Some day I will get a real soldering iron instead of my 25W cheapo.
This is pretty sweet, and I think i have one of those chips laying around unused somewhere too.

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