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Originally Posted by Engus View Post
This is pretty sweet, and I think i have one of those chips laying around unused somewhere too.

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Thanks! I kept coming across old 556 chips too, as I was digging around my box for other stuff. I made sure to use a new one for the final test and assembly to be sure it worked, but it didn't seem to be any different. The switch is the most expensive part of the circuit. You can bounce the switch if you try, but it's still limited by the hold out timer. Also,tickling the trigger is not what brought this about, it's mashing the trigger when things get exciting.

It fits a pneu-mag application just right; low power requirements and non-critical dwell and lpr settings. You can't get away with that on many markers (if any others).

Just for the record, the screw in the back of the frame in the last picture is a sear stop. Many people don't feel they are necessary. I figure if I'm going to tinker with about 0.020 in on/off pin pin length, I'm going to try to control the travel as well.

We're headed for Viper's Quest for the Holy Grail game today. It will get a full case test at least. Hopefully some dinky video as well.
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