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Originally Posted by SpinDoctor15
1) Why is the Excalibur more expensive? Even in stock configuration, they look unmilled (just like the Viking), and the only noted difference that I see is the method of operation, although it uses the same electronics.
2) Do Excaliburs come with two solenoids? I thought the original markers were only single solenoid, and that the newer ones MAY have a 2nd, but I'm unsure if that is true or not...
3) Is either marker faster than the other? I'd tend to think the Viking provides a higher rate of fire (instantaneous and sustained), but again I've never shot an Excalibur.
4) Are there any differences in accuracy or reliability? If the Excal in fact has 2 solenoids, I'd tend to think it would be less reliable, simply because it has more parts that could stop working.
1) the excals are milled differently internally...where as a viking only requires one solenoid to operate, the excals require for the forward pulse and one for the back pulse of the bolt. this means 2X the air passages and there is more parts that have to be milled...not to mention two solenoids to the tune of $90 apiece instead of just one.

2) Excals use two solenoids like stated above, one forward and one back. they always have used two solenoids

3) vikings technically are faster markers, however excals have a more instantaneous fire...since they are closed bolt, like a cocker, the ball is already in place in the barrel when the gun is when you pull the trigger all that happens is a blast of air shoots the paintball, very quick, very instantaneous, just like a hammer dropping in a cocker...where as with an open bolt marker, when you pull the trigger, the bolt has to close and strike the valve and then the ball is shot...

this is why the excal can have a 'sniper' mode where you pull the trigger, the ball fires, and when you let go of the trigger the bolt cycles and loads the next of my personal favorite modes i've used on an excal.

Excals using a tadao board are quite fast though, we had the chance to test the first tadao prototype at pump day 26...himurax brought it up from so-cal and we got some good vids of it if you would like to check them out they're on my website here:

4) some say that the excals are more accurate, just because of the closed bolt system...i personally think they're more accurate just because of the operation and how the marker least in my experiences the excals i've shot are more accurate than the vikings i have used...and the vikings are DAMN nice.

true they do have more moving parts, just the spare solenoid, but its a rare occasion that an AKA noid actually does break. i've never seen any problems with them at least, i've also never had any problems with mine...true if one does break you'll need to replace it, but chances are both wont break at the same time so it wouldnt cost any more to fix than a single solenoid gun.

anyway, its really up to you...i personally love my vikings, and am looking at an excal right now...we'll see if i end up with a new gun

you wont really know until you've actually tried if you have the means, pick one up...the worst that could happen is you hate it and just re-sell it for pretty much the same price you paid for it...they hold their value very well.
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