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A5's and A5 stuff Need this gone

1. No flaming
2. If you don't like the price or if you're a lowballer GTFO(you will be reported)
3. I do not ship first, you came here so you ship first
4. prefer paypal because its fast and easy
5. I only ship priority, so if we trade you ship priority mail also
6. No l337
7. My markers work, so don't try and tell me that they don't
8. Please post on here first so I could keep track of who post first, then pm
9. Trades: willing to trade everything for an 07 or newer EGO or SL74

Okay lets get this rolling. Today I have two A5 for sale. Trying to get rid of my woodsball gear and hopefully be able to afford a 07 EGO. One A5 is stock grip, and the other is RT. I also have and APE egrip. I really want to sell this package as a whole. But will part out if no one buys.A5 barrels:


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