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Man those are sweet. Hven't played much pball in the last 5 years but really liked to play pump back in the day. Would you recommend the CCM SS25? Also can the auto trigger be disabled for tournaments that don't allow it? And finally where do I get the "finger lever" that attaches to the pump? Did You make it?
Lots of questions I know, LOL but I'm really excited right now. I have been plan ning on getting a PPS Blazer but now I'm having to reconsider.

I just called CCM and found out that the series 6 is replacing the SS25 due to valve issues. They also informed me that the AT is able to be turned off. But Man I really would like some closeups of the finger lever on the pump. I'm an Industrial Tech Major and have access to a full machine shop. I'm figuring that its hand made and would like to see how one goes about attaching it to the pump

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