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Custom Milled Spyder Body FS!

Well, I did and was going to do quite a bit of work on this Spyder, but gave up after a while, sadly. My gun whoring got the best of me, and I need to pay off some debts!

Now, I'm selling the only things that may be of value.

It was at one point in its life an '04 Imagine, but that didn't last! Still not mirror smooth, but nice none the less. After a bit of clean-up, it'll be ready for a nice new paintjob/anno! Internals included.

Price: $30 plus shipping

Frame sold to Brewtt!

I'll accept PayPal or a money order, but due to family policy, I cannot ship until the money has been cleared. But I can offer an info swap, including phone number so we can talk in person, e-mail address and mailing address. Buy with confidence!

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