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Thumbs up Great Job

First I have to say BRAVO! Great review probably my favorite in the history of MCB It was a very fun informative read and gives MCBers a leg up on their next purchase.

Secondly, you hit several great points and covered these markers in an excellent way. I cant say enough about one point in particular:

The last thing I'd recommend is GIVE THESE GUNS TIME! There is a learning curve to these guns, and I am still learning how to play with the Duck, and I am relishing the challenge of learning the Redux. Patience, and you will be rewarded!
That cannot be said enough. Several people have owned one or all three and sold the just as quick. However in the end they just didnít give them a chance.

Thirdly about that trigger setup from what I understand it was not changed to save money but rather due to the fact VKC's massive high end machine workload limits mOngos time on the machines. Something had to give, If Steve had waited out VKC the first 20 would never have hit the market.

All this is purly speculation on my part but after several conversations with Steve thatís what I got out of it. Most people dont realize that the Redux is not made by VKC but rather by mOngo's hand at VKC.

Fourth, you must be a FOX NEWS fan because that was truly "Fair and Balanced!"


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