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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
First I have to say BRAVO! Great review probably my favorite in the history of MCB It was a very fun informative read and gives MCBers a leg up on their next purchase.

Secondly, you hit several great points and covered these markers in an excellent way. I cant say enough about one point in particular:

That cannot be said enough. Several people have owned one or all three and sold the just as quick. However in the end they just didnít give them a chance.

Thirdly about that trigger setup from what I understand it was not changed to save money but rather due to the fact VKC's massive high end machine workload limits mOngos time on the machines. Something had to give, If Steve had waited out VKC the first 20 would never have hit the market.

All this is purly speculation on my part but after several conversations with Steve thatís what I got out of it. Most people dont realize that the Redux is not made by VKC but rather by mOngo's hand at VKC.

Fourth, you must be a FOX NEWS fan because that was truly "Fair and Balanced!"

Thanks guys, now..does anyone want to donate a boxgun so I can compare that to these 3?. Actually there is only so much comparison that can be done before it all comes down to the same thing.

Yea, also I think you told me that mOngo used to hand make the entire internal assembly (bolt and hammer), versus he is now using phantom internals? I do wish the older style Sear on the hammer was the handmade one, it just seems like it would allow for a lighter trigger release than the phantom sear. My ghetto Macroline trigger mod helps though, I would post pictures, but it is truly ghetto, it is held in place by a thin strip of packaging tape.

And lol at the fox news reference.

I am now slowly becoming a Carter/mOngo fanatic! Interestingly enough, I have yet to actually purchase a gun directly from these great paintball gunsmiths, everything I have is 2nd hand .

DSA or any other redux owners, do you oil any part of your gun besides the hammer, bolt and valve? I have put a little on my trigger, and a tiny bit on the inside of the slide (body).

Let me know if you guys have any questions, I am more than glad to help.
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